B.S.Bugudi B.Ed. College

Hello Everyone...Welcome to B.S.Bugudi B.Ed. College

                BS Bugudi Educational Society is registered under the Registrar of Societies Andhra Pradesh with Regd. No: 1587 of 2006. The society is formed with a motive of providing quality education to the society by establishing various institutions. The society members are highly qualified professionals and dedicated towards the aims and objectives of the society. BS Bugudi Educational Society is started with a vision of providing quality education by giving importance to the basics and fundamentals. It believes in providing qualitative education rather than quantitative education by conceptual understanding methods which makes the pupil innovative and confident. BSBES facilitate and catalyze true learning for developing an equipoise individual with civic sense and social responsibility. We empower the young minds with discovery and realization of their dreams and goals. Design the course to positively think, act, reflect and adopt responsibility.